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 What is AT 1 through AT 38?

Each AT(#) represents a single solo piano composition, AT 1 being the oldest work composed.

What do the dates/# represent next to the Compositions?

The dates/#'s next to the compositon represent the time period the work was created/composed.

Why is the release date June 2021 for AT1 to AT38?

I've had the opportunity to spend the last year compiling, editing, producing clean PDFs of all the hand-written piano compositions and now have the opportunity to release them/make them available online.

What is your return policy?

Because all the source material on PDFs can easily be copied, all sales are final.

Free full audio previews are available for all tracks with a 1st sample preview page available to view prior to purchasing.

Further details on return policy:

What are the payment options?

Credit/Debit Cards, Accepting online payments.

How will I receive my purchase?

When a digital download has been purchased, you'll receive a link for download, link is active for 30 days.

To preview how your PDF will look like prior to purchase, see the 1st page preview/sample picture that is attached to your selected product in the product page.

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